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Getting WAMP

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Last session at uni, one of the subjects I studied was Web Site Operations and Publishing, in which we learnt to use Apache web server, off a server machine accessed using SSH (PuTTY).  WampServer is a free Windows web development environment that allows me to continue exploring the development web applications with Apache2, PHP and a MySQL database locally on my notebook.

The installation isn’t as straightforward as I expected, so I thought I should keep a record of the steps I took. WampServer is one of the many HTTP server packages available through SourceForge. After downloading and installing the package on my Windows 8 (64 bit) notebook, I ran into the problem of not being able to start Apache server. Fortunately, Andy Stratton had the following explanation and solution:

WAMP/Apache Broken From “Microsoft HTTP/API 2.0″ Using Port 80

My coworker, Dora, was attempting to get WAMP to run a locally hosted development environment on her Windows 7 computer. She could not get Apache to start and was getting a 404 error when visiting localhost in her browser.

By using the WAMP command (WAMP Menu > Apache > Services > Test Port 80), I saw that “Microsoft HTTP/API 2.0″ was using port 80.

Turning off Microsoft HTTP/API 2.0

After some fruitless Google searches, I found a stray post noting that this could be the Web Deployment Service Agent. As a former Windows user, of many years now, I can’t even comment (or care) what this service is for, all I can do is tell you how I disabled it:

  1. Open your Control Panel (Start > Control Panel)
  2. Change the view setting from Category to Small or Large Icons
  3. Open Administrative Tools
  4. Open Services
  5. Find “Web Deployment Service Agent” in the list
  6. Right click and choose Properties
  7. Click Stop
  8. Change it’s Start Up value to “Manual”
  9. Hit Apply/OK to save the changes
  10. Go to WAMP and restart all services

And it worked. 🙂

So where do we go from here? Lifehacker has a guide to customising WordPress themes with WAMP as a starting point. I’ll be trying to install Joomla and Drupal at some point too…


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